Ivy Brown Lifestyle Ltd

Ivy Brown Lifestyle Ltd

Our story starts in the summer of 2020. Lockdown meant that if we had to stay at home then we wanted home to be the best place in the world. Over the years, we have collected and been gifted some many unique lifestyle pieces that have come into our lives and moved with us as we have grown as family.

 These pieces have become more than just objects that get thrown out when we have moved to a new house or decorated. These pieces are our belongings that belong with us and frame the interior of our home. Our creative passion for interior design led us on a new adventure to help provide for us as a family through these difficult times. 

We want to use our creativity and enthusiasm to help people find those products that make your house a home. We only want to sell products that we would love to buy. All our products are beautifully unique and are carefully curated and sourced from independent designers and small brands. We believe in products that are environmentally friendly, fair-trade, and made from sustainable materials. We want our products to add to your life story and stand the test of time. 

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